Engineering Faculty

1. Physics Laboratory

1.1   Mechanics
1.2  Thermodynamics
1.3  Electricity
1.4  Electronics
1.5  Optics
1.6  Atomic and Nuclear
1.7  Solid State Physics

Information for IULI active students ENGINEERING AND LIFE SCIENCE FACULTY 2018 (Sept-Dec 2018): Information for Physics Lab Odd Semester 2018

2. Control Technique Laboratory

3. Power Electronics Laboratory

4. Electric Drives Laboratory

5. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Laboratory

5.1   FESTO
5.2  Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic using COM3LAB
Information for IULI active students (academic year 2018/2019): Information for Pneumatic and Hydraulic Laboratory

6. Mechatronics

6.1  Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
6.2  ASIMA (Automation Simulation)
6.3  MCS (Mechatronics Compact System)

7. COM3LAB Multimedia Laboratory


Life Sciences Faculty

Chemistry Laboratory


Business and Social Sciences Faculty

1. Hotel and Tourism Management

2. International Business Administration and Management



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