Lab Modules

List of physics experiment Even Semester 2017

No Code Title
1 THE-01 Thermal Expansion of Solid
2 THE-02-01 Determining the thermal conductivity of building materials using the single-plate method
THE-02-02 Damping temperature fluctuations using multiple-layered walls
3 THE-03 Converting Electrical Energy into Heat
4 THE-04 Determining the efficiency of a solar collector as a function of the throughput volume of water
5 THE-05-01 Pressure-dependency of the volume of a gas at a constant temperature (Boyle-Mariotte’s law)
THE-05-02 Temperature-dependency of the volume of a gas at a constant pressure (Guy Lussac Law)
THE-05-03 Temperature-dependency of the pressure of a gas at a constant volume (Amontons’ law)
6 THE-06 Hot-Air Engine as heat engine
7 MEC 05-02 Conservation of Angular Momentum and Energy
MEC-08 Recording an airfoil profile polar in a wind tunnel
8 ELE 01 Determining the capacitance of a plate capacitor – Measuring the charge with the electrometer amplifier
ELE 02 Microwaves
9 SOS-01 Ferromagnetic hysteresis
11 ATN-01 X-ray tomography
12 OPT-01 Verifying the imaging laws using with a collecting lens

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