Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What does IULI mean?
    International University Liaison Indonesia – IULI (official Indonesian name: Universitas Lintas Internasional Indonesia) is an international university operating in Indonesia as the partner of European University Consortium – IULI.
  2. Who are the founders of IULI?
    Dr.-Ing. Ilham A. Habibie, MBA and Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Dr.h.c. Peter Al. Pscheid
  3. Does IULI represent any overseas universities?
    IULI operates in Indonesia as the main partner of the European University Consortium (EUC) – IULI, coordinated by Technische Universitaet Ilmenau, Germany. Prof.Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Kern, rector emeritus, is the coordinator for Indonesia.
  4. What kind of cooperation exists between IULI and partner universities that are members of the EUC ?Cooperation includes study programs (curriculum), International Joint Degree programs, exchange of lecturers, research activities and supporting funds .
  5. Does the government support IULI ?
    After two years of preparation, the Indonesian Ministry of Education (DIKTI) issued a decree, SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014, on 3rd October 2014, which enables IULI to operate as a university in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Germany is providing grants for the initial establishment.


    1. How do I apply?
      Register via Online Application here.
    2. What are the Admissions Requirements?
      1. Requirements:

      1. Pass the Entrance Test with minimum TOEFL score 485, or
      2. Submit the certificate of TOEFL with minimum score 485 or IELTS Certificate with the minimum score of 5. (Certificate will be reviewed case by case)

      2. Documents:

      1. Copy of high school report of grade XI and XII.
      2. Copy of Birth Certificate.
      3. Copy of ID card (KTP) or passport.
      4. Copy of the bank transfer receipt IDR 200,000 (enrollment fee).
      5. Copy of Study Permit from DIKTI for International Students.
      6. Copy of Residence Permit for International Students.

      3. Registration Steps:

      1. Create your IULI account here.
      2. Fill in the online application form.
      3. Upload the required documents number 3.2.1 – 3.2.4. (3.2.1 – 3.2.6 for International Students)
      4. Check the application result in your email sent by IULI by the end of the month.
    3. What if my TOEFL score is below 485?
      Candidates whose score of TOEFL below 485 are mandatory to join an English preparation course of three weeks duration conducted by IULI prior to the start of the first semester.
    4. What does the entrance test consists of?
      TOEFL test.
    5. I am confident that my English is excellent. Can I bypass this test? Is it possible just to attach certain certificates? (TOEFL? IELTS?)
      Yes, it is possible. However, certificates will be reviewed case by case.
    6. Do you accept transfer students?
      Transfer students are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The Academic Department will conduct assessments before accepting the student. Students from universities outside IULI can transfer to IULI as well.
    7. Can a graduate from SMK also apply?
    8. Can a high school graduate with ‘Paket C’ also apply?
    9. What about A level graduates?
      They can also apply with additional required documents from the Ministry of Education. Applicants will be assisted by IULI.


  1. What does ‘International Joint Degree’ mean?
    After the completion of a study program, students will earn a bachelor’s degree from one of IULI’s partner universities and a Sarjana (S1) from IULI Indonesia. Both degrees are linked.
  2. What does a degree from an accredited study program in Europe mean?
    The degree holder is entitled to use the academic title in the European Union (EU).
    The agreements between IULI and the partner universities are in the final stage of the internal process. The first degree from a European partner university will be issued in 2019.
  3. What is the language of instruction in IULI?
    English is the language of instruction in lectures, exams and text books.
    However foreign students have to study the basics of Indonesian Language and Culture.
  4. Is there any scholarship available?
    Scholarships will be  offered  every semester, starting from semester two for qualified students in each  study program.
  5. How much is the development fee?
    There is no development fee since it will be borne by the IULI foundation.
  6. Why is semester 7 fee reduced to 18 Million IDR?
    During the 7th semester all students must do a research semester in IULI’s partner university or conduct an Internship for national degree students. Therefore, the semester fee is reduced since the academic load of the subjects is not as heavy as in the regular semesters.
  7. What costs are covered by 18 Million IDR during semester 7?
    It covers the short semester fee in the partner university, administration fee to partner universities, and preparation and correspondence with the partner institution prior to the research semester.
  8. Are there any dormitories available around IULI campus?
    There are private lodging available around IULI campus. For more detail please access
  9. What are IULI’s study program accreditation status?
    All study programs at IULI has been accredited according to BAN-PT. The latest status of each study programs can be accessed through BAN-PT website with keywords of “Universitas Lintas Internasional Indonesia” in “Perguruan Tinggi” field/search box at the top left of the form/table.

Research Semester and Internship

  1. Are IULI students required to study and do an internship in Europe during the 4th year of study?
    For International Joint Degree it will be mandatory to stay a certain period at the partner University in the respective country for 6 months. During the research semester students have the opportunity to work in research groups in IULI’s partners universities and to carry out the first steps of the thesis. In the 8th semester, students can do an internship for 4 months (optional).
  2. What are the requirements?
    1. Basic knowledge of the language spoken in the country.
    2. Semester 6 passed successfully.
    3. Pass an assessment interview.
  3. During the research semester in Europe, is the university partner in which IULI students study the same for all students?
    No, it depends on the study program. Student may consult with our student counselor.
  4. During the research semester in Europe, which costs must be paid by the student?
    Visa, transportation and living cost.
  5. How much is the estimated cost during 7th semester?
    For visa and plane ticket (return ticket) 1,300 USD approximately. For living costs 500-700 Euro/ month.
  6. What about the recruitment process for Internship? (optional)
    To find an internship position in a company/institution is a matter of the student, IULI will assist in preparing the students and providing a list of companies.


  1. What is the marking system of IULI ?
    Max. 100 points – A, B, C, D, F
  2. Does IULI use a credit system or a package system?
    Modular. IULI will apply both SKS and a package system.
  3. How many credits is in a IULI S-1 study program?
    144 – 150 credits
  4. What is the minimum required mark to pass a subject, a semester and the study ?
    A: D or > 45 points


    1. Each subject’s mark > 45 points
    2. Student with average mark > 60 points will pass the semester / study.
    3. Student with 50 < average mark < 60 will pass the semester / study under condition (allowed only one time during the whole study).
  5. What happens if a student fails in a subject in semester-end test?
    It can be repeated