Faculty and Study Programs

Faculty of Engineering

Study Programs Abbrv. S1*
1. Automotive Engineering (Mech. Eng.) AUE Y
2. Aviation Engineering / Avionics AVE Y
3. Computer Science CSE Y
4. Electrical Engineering ELE Y
5. Industrial Engineering INE Y
6. Mechanical Engineering MEE Y
7. Mechatronics Engineering (El. Eng) MTE Y

Faculty of Life Sciences

Study Programs Abbrv. S1*
1. Biomedical Engineering BME Y
2. Chemical Engineering (Pharm. Eng.) CHE Y
3. Food Technology FTE Y

Faculty of Business & Social Sciences

Study Programs Abbrv. S1*
1. Aviation Management (Management) AVM Y
2. Hotel and Tourism Management HTM Y
3. International Business Administration IBA Y
4. International Relations INR Y
5. Management MGT Y

* All Bachelor-degree programs are accredited as per SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014

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