Mechatronics Engineering

Learn everything about Sensors and Actuators, Signals and Systems, Robotics and Automation, Control Systems and Electronic Devices and Circuits

What's Inside?

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering science with respect to electrical engineering/electronics, computer science and mechanical engineering. The term mechatronics has spread worldwide and has become a trademark for an interdisciplinary approach to the development, production and marketing of complex system products.


Students in this degree program will receive the necessary competences for the development of mechatronic systems in the automotive industry, manufacturing, medical devices technology, among others. Further, important application fields of mechatronics are today biomechatronics and micro mechatronics/microsystems technology. Our partner universities (e.g. Technische Universität Ilmenau) are focusing in these mechatronic system designs. They have established a bridge to the life sciences and to micro and nanotechnology, which rely on interdisciplinary and systems thinking.

Precision engineering equipment and mechanical engineering • Measurement, control and regulation technology • IT and electronics industry • Microsystems Technology and Nanotechnology • Automation Technology • Medical • Biomechatronics • Automotive supply industry

Academic Degree: Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) + Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Legal Base/Accreditation: SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014

Duration of Study: 6 semesters at IULI + 2 semesters abroad (International Program) or 8 Semester at IULI (National Degree only)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition Fees: IDR 30 Million/semester, No Development Fees.

Scholarships available (up to 75%)

Academic Year: Even Semester (March – August) + Odd Semester (September-February)
Academic weeks/semester: 14 weeks + 2 exams
SKS/ECTS per semester: 24/34
SKS/ECTS per study: 144-160 / 202-224
Duration of a lecture: 50 minutes
Number of students per class: 10-15

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Why Should I Study Mechatronics Engineering?

If you want to build or design robots and other autonomous or software control devices, then the Mechatronics engineering Bachelor study program is the best option for you.

Mechatronics is a dynamic and interdisciplinary branch of computer science, electronics, control, and mechanical engineering. Mechatronics Engineering includes assembling, testing, designing, and evaluating products and components. Mechatronics is closely related to artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation processes. The purpose of this program is to develop Mechatronics engineers who are skilled and professional to penetrate regional and international markets.

If we look at a few decades back, there was no automated machines, and robots were considered alien to us. But nowadays, we are offering an outstanding opportunity to the students to design and develop autonomous products by obtaining the degree in Mechatronics Engineering. A Mechatronics Engineer combines the principles of electronics, and mechanics to produce an economical, simple, and reliable system. One of the prime examples of a Mechatronics system are industrial robots to perform work all day long and save personnel costs and increase productivity.

Mechatronics Engineering produces technicians and engineers, work in offices, laboratories, and manufacturing plants. Their purpose is to create efficient and safe automated equipment. While the technicians are more concerned to maintain machinery, engineers are focused on design and development of products. Thus the Mechatronics Engineers regulate and control the system. They apply the knowledge of engineering with the computer software program to solve the different technical problems. They facilitate the cost-effective operations and rapid-setting of manufacturing systems. The Mechatronics system has made it very easy to design and process the products.


Mechatronics Engineering is a relatively new field of engineering and that is why it is less saturated. Today, the industry is booming more than ever, which is why there will be more job opportunities created in the manufacturing industries in the near future.


Moreover, Mechatronics Engineering has numerous areas of applications like nanotechnology, automation, biomedical system, robotics, electrical system, and mechanical system. Due to its versatility, Mechatronics Engineering offers many career opportunities including:


• Machine designer
• Research engineer
• Automation engineer
• Mechatronics engineer
• Robotics engineer
• Instrumentation engineer

Here at IULI, we are offering a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering, which is a four-year degree program that consists out of 8 semesters and is taught in English. Our Bachelor’s degree is recognized in Indonesia as well as worldwide. Your degree will have international worth, and it will be easy for you to build a career or to go abroad for further studies. Now students can get enrolled in a joint degree program in order to get a Sarjana as well as a German Bachelor of Science degree. So, you will graduate from a well-known universitiy of Indonesia (IULI) and Germany (Technische Universität Ilmenau) and learn English and German languages during the studies.


The main advantage of this joint degree program is that we offer our students internship opportunities in Germany during their studies. The internship gives the students practical life and industry experience that helps in career building. Moreover, we offer the different scholarships to our talented and needy students so that financial issue does not impede to their degree.

You can build your career after graduation in Mechatronics Engineering very individually. In this modern era of technology, there are a lot of robotic fields and automated technology industries, which are rapidly growing. Mechatronics Engineers are in high demand with well-paid job offers all over the world.

Since Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of computer science, control system, electrical and mechanical engineering, the career opportunities are diverse (from healthcare to aerospace). It means that jobs in all these fields are relevant to the person who has a Mechatronics Engineering degree.


It is an expanding field and nowadays many industries are moving towards automation processes and robots. In the medical field, robots assist in rehabilitation centers, do some surgical tasks and automated sensors help to monitor vital signs. In the aircraft industry, robots are performing different tasks like inspection, drilling, and even welding. So, it is an interesting field for genius students with problem-solving skills. A well-trained Mechatronic Engineer can utilize his multiple skills to get good career opportunities in the particular field of his or her interest.


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