Aviation Engineering

Learn everything about Flight Dynamics, Aircraft Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems and Components, Flight Control and Aviation Safety

What's Inside?

Aviation is the bridge of our country. It connects our archipelago and people by carrying passengers and goods. With the introduction of low-cost carrier airlines, the aviation industry is growing at a faster rate. Large numbers of aircraft operated by airlines requires more pilots, maintenance personnel, airport staffs, air trafficcontrollers and other indirect job positions. The quality of aviation personnel is an important aspect in managing and operating the aviation industry.


The International Joint Seminar IULI-EASA on Higher Education for Aviation Profession (Jakarta, 2019) recommended involving higher education (university) to improve the profession standard of aviation.

The future requirements for aviation professionals do not only focus on licensing, but also on analytical thinking to face the future challenges.In the near future, a novel development in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones will become part of our daily life. Parcel delivery, aerial photography, wildlife monitoring, search/rescue and agriculture are several applications of UAS.


This technology will require new set of manpower specifications including designing, developing, testing, and operation.We involved our international partner universities in improving the knowledge and experience of our students to be preparedfor the future challenges in aviation with several programsuch as double degree and exchange students.


Aviation Engineering at IULI will empower its graduates with an industrial based curriculum, experienced faculty members, and the opportunity to build a professional career in an international environment.

Aerodynamics • Propulsions • Flight Dynamics • Flight Control • Flight Operation • Unmanned Aerial Systems • Air Traffic Management • Aircraft Maintenance • Flight Testing

Academic Degree: Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) + Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Legal Base/Accreditation: SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014

Duration of Study: 6 semesters at IULI + 2 semesters abroad (International Program) or 8 Semester at IULI (National Degree only)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition Fees: IDR 30 Million/semester, No Development Fees.

Scholarships available (up to 75%)

Academic Year: Even Semester (March – August) + Odd Semester (September-February)
Academic weeks/semester: 14 weeks + 2 exams
SKS/ECTS per semester: 24/34
SKS/ECTS per study: 144-160 / 202-224
Duration of a lecture: 50 minutes
Number of students per class: 10-15

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Why Study Aviation Engineering?

The question “What to study?” can be quite difficult. If you are considering to study Aviation or Aerospace Engineering, this article will give you an idea what is this study about and which career opportunities are waiting for you, once you achieved a Bachelor’s degree in this field.

Are you already excited to study Aviation Engineering? At IULI, you can get two Bachelor’s degrees in only 4 years. Your National Sarjana 1 Degree you will get from IULI and your International Bachelor of Science Degree will be issued by one of our International Partner Universities. At the end of this article, we introduce also our full study program (Bachelor plus Master degree) in cooperation with the National Formosa University of Taiwan.


If you are the one, who would like to pursue an international education, you have an opportunity to get various scholarships. We offer scholarships in collaboration with Sinar Mas Land and DAAD. Besides that, IULI offers you several discount programs:


1. Early Bird Discount (Apply as early as possible to get bigger discounts)

2. Best Bird Discount (For good academic and non-academic performances in High School)

3. Sibling Bird Discount (50 % off for your sibling)

4. Promo Bird Discount (Get 33% Tuition fee deduction per referred student)


The field of engineering is more focused on designing, developing, and improving aircraft and spacecraft for a more efficient and more secure flying venture for mankind. Behind these flying bodies, there is marvelous work of engineering, thousands of hours spent on research, and hundreds of operations happening at the same time and then they fly in the air.


From the Wright Flyer (plane by Wright brothers) to the modern huge flying airplanes, there is too much evolution occurred in this field and the credit goes to aviation engineering and its research which make the flights safer, quicker, and efficient.

Many students have questions in their minds about what they would do after getting a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Engineering degree. The industry related to aviation is huge like military, flight operation, manufacturing and designing of aircraft, and much more. As an aviation engineer, responsibilities involve the design, development, testing, and maintenance of aircraft. You may work on flight systems, mechanical elements within the plane, airspace navigation systems, wing or body materials, or other aspects of airplanes or aviation. The duties of the aviation engineer include testing the designs or developments that you create and adjusting or correcting before the assembly of the aircraft.

There are a lot of career opportunities in Indonesia as there are more than 17,000+ islands and the quickest way to transit is air travel which means more airports, more airplanes, and requirement for more aviation engineers like you to make things work smoothly and efficiently.

What Are The Advantages of Studying Aviation Engineering?

A career in aerospace is not only thrilling but also rewarding. There are many advantages that you can get as an aviation engineer in the industry. Some of the key perks come along with this degree are:

The field is very vast regarding career opportunities all over the world. As a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Engineering, you can easily land on some interesting job according to your will. It offers many employment opportunities, right from working as researchers, designers, to taking up jobs directly associated with the working and maintenance of aircraft. Also, if you choose this career path and work in Indonesia, you will be directly participating in the country’s growth because as a country based on thousands of islands, there is a dire need for a strong aviation network and obviously, it will be possible with the aviation engineers like you.

Aviation is a skill-demanding profession which requires a high level of dedication, professional behavior, and commitment to the work. There are few names in this industry who are well reputed and only players of this game. They offer lucrative salary packages to the engineers for your skillset. This profession is known as one of the highest-paid professions around the globe. According to a brief study, the average salary package offered to an aviation engineer is about $70,000 to $100,000 per annum.

If you want to fly around the world and want to meet, collaborate and work with different peoples. This is exactly the job for you.

As an aviation engineer, you will be working in different countries on different projects for your company without any travel expenses.

As the days are passing, time is becoming more and more asset. Every business, company, worker wants to do things as quickly as possible just to sustain and compete with others and achieve their goals. And the aviation industry makes it possible. The travel period of days and months via sea routes has been concise to the matter of few hours and you will be on another corner of the world. This is all because of air travel and it is growing day by day which means there are more career opportunities for you in this industry. This is going to be an evergreen industry just growing every day and transferring more and more people around the globe.

Aviation engineering graduates have great scope for employment. In today’s world, this is often considered as one of the foremost respected jobs. The scholars studying this course get expertise in technical skills. You will also choose government jobs, the military air force, and private aviation industries.

There are a huge number of opportunities and jobs available within the aerospace industry and aviation industry for aeronautical engineers and great room for private growth and development. Many governments, defense, and space agencies (both Indonesian and foreign) also are on the lookout for aeronautical engineers to develop flying vehicles and systems. After getting the aeronautical degree certificate, one can also start your own start-up company which is quite famous in many areas (Aeromodelling, UAV Unmanned aerial vehicle, Drone’s manufacturing, Rapid prototyping, R&D projects), etc.

An aviation engineering course is not easy, it is important that you enroll in one of the best aeronautical engineering colleges. Germany is an excellent option to consider for a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Engineering because it is a leading country for research and development of the global aviation industry and billions of euros annually to make advancement in this sector. Due to this, we, IULI, collaborate with University of Applied Science Ilmenau (Technische Universität Ilmenau) to provide best in the class study opportunity here in BSD City. This dual degree outline is designed in such a way that it will give you the maximum knowledge and experience required to be a successful aviation engineer. While studying at IULI in BSD City, close to Jakarta, you will learn from two nations that are struggling to win this aviation race and achieve supremacy.

This dual degree Bachelor program will help you to learn in the most effective and skill-focused learning environment. So, you could serve humanity and this ever-growing aviation industry with your knowledge, skill, and hard work.

Besides our Bachelor’s degree study programs, we also offer a complete study program – from Bachelor to Master. Let us introduce 3Plus2 Program which has been created in cooperation with the National Formosa University (NFU) in Taiwan.


Taiwan has an outstanding higher education system and is especially known for its technological progress in the aerospace industry, which makes this country very attractive for international students to spend there at least one semester abroad.


Choose our 3Plus2 Program and get your Bachelor’s degree within 3 years at IULI. After that you will complete your studies at NFU during another 2 years in order to pursue your Master of Science degree. As an IULI student you also have an option of acquiring a Bachelor of Science from IULI and an International Aircraft Maintenance certificate from NFU, which we call Program-147.


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