Aviation Management (Management)

1. Faculty  Business & Social Sciences
 2. Study Program  Aviation Management (AVM)
 3. Description of Study Program  AVM Courses
 4. Curriculum  AVM Curriculum
 5. Syllabus  AVM Syllabus
 6. List of Books  List of Textbooks
 7. Course Handbook <Click here>
 8. Legal Base  SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014
 9. Academic Regulation  Click here for details
10. Language of Instruction  English
11. Academic Degree  Sarjana Manajemen – S.M (S1)
12. Double/Joint Degree  Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
13. Academic Pathway  Click here for details
14. Academic Year  1 July  – 30 June

Odd Semester: 1 July – 31 December

Even Semester: 1 January – 30 June

15. Start of  First Semester  July
16. Entrance Conditions  Highschool Graduate/Entrance Test
17. Entrance Limitations  Max 32 students per class; min number of  students 12
18. Study Fee  Click here for details
19. Development Fee  None
20. Counseling  Dr. Samuel Prasetya
21. Application  Manual (Download Registration Form)
 Online Registration 
22. Partner University  Hochschule Rhein Waal, Germany


Year 1
Certification in Basics of Business
Semester 1 Semester 2
English 1 English 2
Computer Networking & IT Security Applied Statistics
Business Communications Pancasila
Business Mathematics 1 Business Mathematics 2
German 1 (ECA) Business Law
Introduction to Business & Management 1 German 2 (ECA)
Introduction to Philosophy Introduction to Business & Management 2
Principles of Accounting 1 Principles of Accounting 2
Principles of Economics 1 Principles of Economics 2
Principles of Financial Management 1 Principles of Financial Management 2
Principles of Marketing Management 1 Principles of Marketing Management 2
Year 2
Certification in Organizational Management
Semester 3 Semester 4
English 3 English 4
Environmental Sciences German 4 (ECA)
Corporate Finance Civics
German 3 (ECA) Entrepreneurship
Organizational Behavior & Development Managerial Accounting
Human Resources Management Management Information Systems
Foundation of Social Theory Aviation Financial Management
Foundation of Management Theory Air Traffic Control
Aviation Safety Management & Regulation
Introduction to Aviation Management
Analytical & Creative Thinking
Year 3
Certification in Basics of Business Analysis
Semester 5 Semester 6
English 5 English 6
German 5 (ECA) German 6 (ECA)
Ethics & Religious Philosophy Research Methodology
Innovation & Product Development Indonesian Language & Culture
Foundation of Indonesian Taxation E-Commerce
Operation Management Oral Final Study Examination (OFSE)
Airport Planning, Operation & Facility Management Strategic Management
Airline & Cargo Management  Elective 2: choose one in Marketing, or Finance, or Human Resources, or Operation, or General Subjects 
Aviation Maintenance Management Value-Based Management
Elective 1: Project in Entrepreneurship Project Management
Air Transport Market Analysis
Management Control Systems
Business Research Method
Year 4
Semester 7 Semester 8
Research Project Thesis
Elective: Internship/Project
Elective 3: choose one in Marketing, or Finance, or Human Resources, or Operation, or General Subjects 
Concentration & Elective Subjects
General Marketing Finance Operation Human Resources Management
Capita Selecta in Business & Management

Business Seminar

Project in Entrepreneurship

International Economics

International Business

Consumer Behavior

Service Marketing

Retail Management

Brand Management

Marketing Research

International Marketing

Seminar in Marketing

Project in Marketing

International Finance

Investment Analysis & Portfolio

Money & Capital Market

Risk Management

Financial Statement Analysis

Seminar in Finance

Project in Finance

Operation Research

Risk Management

Supply Chain Management

Total Quality Management

Business Process Re-Engineering

Seminar in Operation Management

Project in Operation Management

Change Management

Knowledge Management & Leadership

Performance Management & HR Scorecard

Labor Relations Management

International HRM

Seminar in HRM

Project in HRM

  • subject to changes and revisions
  • the actual implementation follows the internal arrangements & policies of the Department & Faculty
  • Courses in Ethics & Religious Philosophy, Indonesian Language & Culture, Pancasila, and Civics may be conducted in Indonesian
  • Courses are activated upon the achievement of the minimum threshold of 12 students.
  • ECA refers to Extra-Curricular Activities

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