International Relations

  1. Faculty  Business and Social Sciences
  2. Study Program  International Relations
  3. Description of Study Program  <Click here>
  4. Curriculum  <Click here>
  5. Syllabus  <Click here>
  6. List of Books  <Click here>
  7. Course Handbook <Click here>
  8. Legal Base  S.K. DIKTI 425/E/O/2014
  9. Academic Regulation  <Click here>
10. Language of Instruction  English
11. Academic Degree  Sarjana Sosial (S.Sos.)
12. Double/Joint Degree  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
13. Academic Pathway  <Click here>
14. Academic Year  1 July–30 June
 Odd Sem. 1 July–31 December; Even Sem. 1 January–30 June
15. Start of  First Semester  July
16. Entrance Conditions  Highschool Graduate/Entrance Test
17. Entrance Limitations  Max. 32 students per class; min. number of  students: 12
18. Study Fee  <Click here>
19. Development Fee  None
20. Counseling  Sammy Kanadi, M.Sc.
21. Application  Manual (Download Registration Form)
 Online Registration
22. Partner University  Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany


Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
English 1 English 2
Fundamental of Computer Science e-Commerce
Introduction to Philosophy Environmental Sciences
Principles of Economics 1 Principles of Economics 2
Academic Writing Comparative Politics
Foundation of Social Theory Indonesian Politics
Indonesian Legal System Introduction to International Relations
International History Political Communications and the Media
Introduction to Political Science Theories of International Relations 1
German Language & Culture 1 (ECA)  German Language & Culture 2 (ECA)
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
English 3 English 4
Essentials of Diplomacy Civics
Foreign Policy Analysis Statistics and Probability
Indonesian Economy ASEAN Studies
International Political Economy International Business and Society
International Politics International Law
Introduction to Regionalism International Regimes and Organizations
Social Psychology Security Studies
Theories of International Relations 2 Technology and International Affairs
German Language & Culture 3 (ECA) German Language & Culture 4 (ECA)
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
English 5 English 6
Ethics and Religious Philosophy Indonesian Language and Culture
Innovation and Product Development Research Methodology
Pancasila Strategic Studies
Development Studies and NGOs Civil Society, Migration, and Globalization
Gender and International Relations International Trade Arrangements
Indonesian Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Political Economy of Resources
Research for International Relations Oral Final Study Examination (OFSE)
Elective Subject: Cluster 1 Elective Subject: Cluster 2
German Language & Culture 5 (ECA) German Language & Culture 6 (ECA)
Year 4
Semester 7 Semester 8
Research Semester (in a partner university, Germany) Internship (abroad; optional)

ECA = Extracurricular

Cluster 1 Cluster 2
Strategic Analysis Disaster Management
Great Power Politics Maritime Economics
  • Subject to changes and revisions; actual implementation follows Department policies and/or arrangements.
  • A minimum number of 12 registered students is required for a subject to be run.
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