International Relations

  1. Faculty  Business and Social Sciences
  2. Study Program  International Relations
  3. Description of Study Program  <Click here>
  4. Curriculum  <Click here>
  5. Syllabus  <Click here>
  6. List of Books  <Click here>
  7. Course Handbook <Click here>
  8. Legal Base  S.K. DIKTI 425/E/O/2014 & Re-Accreditation Letter # 125/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/II/2019
  9. Academic Regulation  <Click here>
10. Language of Instruction  English
11. Academic Degree  Sarjana Sosial (S.Sos.)
12. Double/Joint Degree  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
13. Academic Pathway  <Click here>
14. Academic Year  1 July–30 June
 Odd Sem. 1 July–31 December; Even Sem. 1 January–30 June
15. Start of  First Semester  July
16. Entrance Conditions  Highschool Graduate/Entrance Test
17. Entrance Limitations  Max. 32 students per class; min. number of  students: 12
18. Study Fee  <Click here>
19. Development Fee  None
20. Counseling  Astrid Wiriadidjaja, M.Si.
21. Application  Manual (Download Registration Form)
 Online Registration
22. Partner University Technische Universität Ilmenau & Universität Erfurt, Germany
23. Thesis Work Thesis Advisory



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