International Relations

Learn everything about Management, Politics, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Regionalism, Political Economy and International History

What's Inside?

The world has evolved in a high-speed movement to become more interconnected and transparent to all layers of global communities. Trans-national relations have grown above the state-level, equipped with high-tech integration to achieve more national development and global collaboration. This dynamic of the world is well acknowledged by our study program.


Our core lies in Technology and Global Affairs: An Inter-disciplinary studies of politics, history, economics, and sociology are integrated with a new approach in International Relations of Technology affairs. We aim to equip graduates with the capability to analyze and apply diverse concepts, theories and methods in understanding the world –including diplomacy and negotiation skills which will be highly demanded by both public and private sectors.

Diplomacy • Foreign Policy • Regional Studies • International Political Economy • Peace and Conflict Studies • International Organisations and Cooperation • Global Politics • Development Studies • Political Economy of Resources • Security Studies

Academic Degree: Sarjana Sosial (S.Sos.) + Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Legal Base/Accreditation: SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014

Duration of Study: 6 semesters at IULI + 2 semesters abroad (International Program) or 8 Semester at IULI (National Degree only)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition Fees: IDR 30 Million/semester, No Development Fees.

Scholarships available (up to 75%)

Academic Year: Even Semester (March – August) + Odd Semester (September-February)
Academic weeks/semester: 14 academics + 2 exams
SKS/ECTS per weeks: 24/34
SKS/ECTS per study: 144-160 / 202-224
Duration of a lecture: 50 minutes
Number of students per class: 10-15

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Why Should I Study International Relations?

If you have an interest in economics, political science, and foreign affairs, then International Relations is the best field of study for you. International Relations (IR) deal with the relations among the states with each other and with International Organizations, the foreign policy of states, and subnational entities like political parties, interest groups, and bureaucracies. It is a multidisciplinary field and integrates studies of economics, history, sociology, and politics.


By studying International Relations, you will learn to understand global issues, enhance your debating ability, and get responsibility in the private and public sectors. In the past, International Relations was not a discrete field of study, but nowadays it is a strong requirement for global vision and an international perspective for a better understanding of issues and challenges around us.

After graduation in International Relations, the students will be able to work with public and private institutions, local governments, or NGOs. They will be able to implement new public policies and collaborate with people for various welfare projects to improve living standards. They get a deeper understanding of global issues and their impacts on society. They will learn how and why governments, nations, and individuals solve such issues. The study program International Relations offers the students an opportunity to learn to handle conflicts, evaluating ideas, and improve written and verbal communication. We, at IULI, enable the students to analyze and apply the methods, theories, and concepts to understand world affairs, organize the data to gain insights and improve negotiation skills needed in both private and public sectors.

IULI (International University Liaison Indonesia), based in BSD City, is offering a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. As this is a Joint Degree program, the students will study in Indonesia as well as spend up to 1 year in Germany (German Partner University) studying and/ or doing an internship, gaining valuable professional and practical life experience during the last semesters. After in total 8 semesters you can graduate with Sarjana Ilmu Sosial (S1) and an international Bachelor of Arts.

The curricula at IULI meet European and Indonesian standards and are designed for the students to be able to compete at the national and international levels. As our future student, you can expect a variety of disciplines within the course like diplomacy, international organization, and corporation, foreign policy, security studies, etc. The students will gain knowledge in international relations with other states, national developments, and global collaboration. Your Bachelor’s degree will be recognized at the international level and you will be able to go abroad for work or further studies.
Our university gives scholarships to our talented and needy students, so they can study without worrying about finance. You might also be interested in our various discount options.

In the recent century, the International Relation program is demanded. The IR graduates have great insight into public policies, foreign affairs, economic trends, international development, and social issues. As an International Relations specialist, you will have multiple career options in fields like social systems, cultural life of communities, and economics.


Graduates can build their career with government departments such as international trade departments and commonwealth office or foreign office. Moreover, they may get an employment in media, public, commercial, and charity sectors. If you study International Relations, you can picture yourself for example working for the United Nations (UN) around the world and communicating with foreign delegates. Intergovernmental Organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations give career and internship opportunities to the students. So, you can start your career for instance as an International Civil Servant through the Young Professional Program offered by the UN.

The IR Bachelor’s degree provides many hands-on career opportunities to the students depending upon their preferences, among others as:


– Intelligence Analyst
– Immigration Specialist
– International Marketing Manager
– Political Risk Analyst
– Policy officer
– Diplomatic service officer


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