Chemical Engineering

Learn everything about Fluid and Partical Mechanics, Microbiology, Separation Processes, Plant Health and Safety, Chemical Plant Design

What's Inside?

Chemical engineers specialised in the design and operation of modern industrial manufacturing plants, to produce various useful and valuable materials, in the most economical way and the most environmental friendly ways. Contributions of Chemical Engineers for future development and field implementation of high tech industries are crucial so that it will continue to benefit and improve human prosperity.


Countless useful daily products are coming out from chemical manufacturing industries including oil and gas, biofuel, herbal and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics/polymers, textiles, healthcare and personal hygiene products, construction materials, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, fermentation products, specialty chemicals, microelectronics, electronic and advanced materials, nanomaterial, bioprocess and biotechnological products, battery and other materials for energy industries, environmental health and safety industries etc.


Students will be guided and equipped with the knowledge and skills relevant for future applications in manufacturing industries, in order to understand the concept of process and technology required in converting raw materials with low economic value, into final products that are needed by the society with substantially higher economic value for profitability. Needless to say, the process developed by chemical engineers must also be safe for the environment.

Chemistry • Physical Chemistry • Mass and Energy balance • Thermodynamics • Fluid and Particle Mechanics • Heat and Mass Transfer • Chemical Reactor Engineering Design • Chemical Engineering Laboratories • Separation Process • Distillation • Extraction and purification • Membrane Technology • Unit Process Design • Health and Occupational Safety • Microbiology • Bioreactor, Bioprocess and Biotechnology • Fermentation Technology • Nanotechnology • Innovations and new Products development • Herbal Medicine, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics • Engineering Economics • Chemical Engineering Plant Design

Academic Degree: Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) + Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Legal Base/Accreditation: SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014

Duration of Study: 6 semesters at IULI + 2 semesters abroad (International Program) or 8 Semester at IULI (National Degree only)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition Fees: IDR 30 Million/semester, No Development Fees.

Scholarships available (up to 75%)

Academic Year: Even Semester (March – August) + Odd Semester (September-February)
Academic weeks/semester: 14 weeks + 2 exams
SKS/ECTS per semester: 24/34
SKS/ECTS per study: 144-160 / 202-224
Duration of a lecture: 50 minutes
Number of students per class: 10-15

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Which career opportunities will I have with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering?

If you are a person with a desire to open your professional career through an occupation that will help you to contribute with important and valuable duties for the benefit of society and the environment; we tell you that a Chemical Engineering Degree would be an excellent option for you.

A chemical engineer is a professional specialized in the design and operation of modern industrial manufacturing plants. He or she is responsible for the production of a variety of useful materials in environmentally friendly ways.


Chemical engineers play a fundamental role in the implementation of high technology in industries, and their contribution to future development is essential. Thanks to their performance, we citizens can enjoy the production of countless products of daily use.


Among these, we can mention pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, biofuels, textile polymers, personal hygiene products, construction materials, petrochemicals, fermentation products, specialty chemicals, electronics and advanced materials, food processing, batteries, etc.

As you may have noticed, the areas of actions of this professional are really wide and enriching, and without any doubt they are proof of the fundamental role they have in society.


In summary, chemical engineers are professionals who through their work are in charge of transforming raw materials into ready-to-use products, supported by scientific discoveries that help them safely develop these products.

IULI national and international university is the best option to study Chemical Engineering. Through its programs, students will leave with a high level of knowledge about many fundamental aspects of bioprocessing and biotechnology, which will open their way in different branches of industry.

They will also have valuable knowledge with applied experience in the agricultural and pharmaceutical fields, where they will have mastery over the methods of extraction and enrichment of natural products for medicine. This is just to mention a few.

The International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI) is a private university that enjoys great prestige in Indonesia and especially in Jakarta. It was founded in 2014 and is one of the centers of Higher Education studies with the most attractive study programs and opportunities for its students.

Also, IULI is a study center that is associated with universities in Germany; in this way, we offer preparation in both national and international studies. This in turn has recognition and accreditation from the Government of Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that offers ample possibilities for chemical engineering professionals, thanks to its rich biodiversity to be explored by the next generation of scientists and IULI Chemical Engineers.
IULI offers a unique opportunity to its students through the IULI International Bachelor’s Degree Program in Germany, where students can gain experience by studying in Germany, researching, and working in an internship program.

Thanks to this program, you as a student will spend 3 years in Indonesia at IULI and the last year in Germany through the Indonesia-Germany study agreement at the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

By studying abroad students will be able to live a challenging experience, which will open new perspectives to start an international career by obtaining their Bachelor´s Degree in Chemical Engineering; or continue with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

With the IULI internship program in Germany, each student will experience first-hand his or her first contacts with the world of work in a company, university research laboratory, or industry.

As a graduate student of IULI, you will have all the knowledge and experience to work in international companies. Additionally, with the International Exchange Program, you will be able to opt to take the status of exchange student or take the Double Bachelor degree Program.
The study experience at IULI allows students to prepare themselves academically with the best foundation in careers such as Chemical Engineering and additionally opens the doors to a new world. Studying in Germany expands your career opportunities with an international IULI degree.

Similarly, the advantages extend to the possibility of getting to know a new culture and learning new languages such as English and German for free. The students of our university will also have the advantage of choosing in which country to work.

If you wish to know in detail information related to IULI’s Bachelor study program in Chemical Engineering or other international study programs, we invite you to call our student hotline +62 852123 18000. Click here to start a WhatsApp Chat.