Entrance Test

Entrance Test Registration

  1. General Requirement :
    1. Students of grade XII who will graduate in 2024
    2. High school graduates from less than 5 years ago
    3. Students must pass the IULI Entrance Test: Mathematics. English, Aptitude Test
  2. Registration Steps (3 options):
    1. Direct Registration:
      1. Prepare copy of required documents nr. 3.1 – 3.7
      2. Fill in the enrolment form available in IULI Admissions Office at Associate Tower – Intermark 7th Floor, Serpong.
      3. Submit the enrolment form along with the required documents to IULI Admissions Office.
    2. Online registration:
      1. Create your IULI account here
      2. Fill in the online application form
      3. Upload the required documents number 3.1. – 3.7
  3. Required Documents
    1. Copy of high school report of grade XI and/or XII of the high school.
    2. Copy of IJAZAH & SKHUN/SKL (Surat Keterangan Lulus) for registration  after graduation. For candidate who graduate from an international school, The IJAZAH & SKHUN/SKL can be substituted with “Surat Keterangan Penyetaraan Sertifikat” from the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia of IJAZAH and SKHUN Paket C
    3. Copy of Birth Certificate
    4. Copy of ID card (KTP)
    5. Copy of Family Card
    6. The latest passport size (4 x 6)  photograph with red as background
    7. Copy of the banks transfer receipt IDR 200,000 (Administration fee) Bank BNI Virtual Account (to be sent personally to email address used for online registration.
  4. Virtual/On-line Entrance Test
    The entrance test is held weekly.
    Should you wish to have the test in another time, you may contact IULI Admissions Office by email to admission@iuli.ac.id or Mrs. Diah Danuri +6285212318000 (WA/Call)