IBA, HTM & AVM Students Acquire Intellectual Property Rights For Their Research Work in the Classroom

We are proud to announce that our students have once again successfully acquired intellectual property rights as authors of an academic paper. This time the students of batch 2017 from International Business Administration (IBA), Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM), and Aviation Management (AVM) Muchacha Bonita, Safrini Thirda Nurhafisa, Maganitri Kundala Putri, Natasha Eka Novianti and Devia Avianty Augustine wrote a paper titled “The Unique Marketing of the Coca-Cola Company”.

Under the supervision of Dr (cand) Irma M Nawangwulan, MBA, CPM (Asia) & Dr. Samuel Prasetya, the paper was originally written for Marketing Management 2 class in semester 2 and focuses on how Coca-Cola as a company is able to leverage their brand throughout its history, by not only becoming the pioneer soft drink but also one of the most well-known brands in the world. The paper used mainly secondary sources based on their general marketing strategy and financial data that are available online.

“of course those achievements were able to be made, because there is a uniqueness in how the company markets their product’s value to the market. That is the original idea that we had when we were ordering our food at McDonald’s and we were inspired to create a paper about Coca-Cola. The product itself has a strong value in almost every sector of the food industry from fast food restaurants to fine dining”, says Muchacha Bonita about how they came up with the idea

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