International Relations Students Aqcuire Intellectual Property Rights For Their Work in the Classroom

Our students from International Relations batch 2017, Alexandrina Medianti, Bening Dhaivina Damardjati, Deinera Pietra Don Nugroho and Joy Matilda have succesfully aqcuired intellectual property rights as authors of the paper titled “Assesment on Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers in Indonesia”, for their Law 2 class.

At IULI every student taking the Law 2 course needs to register their work in order to get intellectual property rights.
“we chose it because we’re concerned about the implementation of capital punishment in general, that it often raises arguments because of its human rights violations. Then, we had the idea to see the cases in Indonesia, particularly for drug traffickers. we tried to see it further from the legal perspectives & assess its effectivity” , explained Bening Dhaivina, one of the group members.

The time spent on writing the paper was approximately one month, and the students used secondary data from journals and government websites to obtain the data about the referred laws.

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