Encounter with the Past: IULI International Relations at MKAA

29 September 2017 – Twenty IULI International Relations students made a visit to Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika (Museum of the Asian African Conference/MKAA) today, as a part of the course “Indonesian Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.” Accompanied by the lecturers Mr. Sammy Kanadi, Mr. Nugraha Jayapraja, and Ms. Yasmin Chaerunissa, the students toured the Museum in order to find answers to one of their class assignments.

More than simply for completing assignment, the visit was also designed as a soul-searching activity for those who are new to the subject. It is irrefutable that the 1955 Bandung Conference is a milestone in Indonesian foreign policy and has, to some extent, left its mark in the way Indonesia engages with the world today. To understand the Conference is a must if one is to comprehend the scale of Indonesian foreign policy during its infancy and the resurgence of interest in multilateralism.

To the IULI company’s surprise the Head of Museum, Mdm. Meinarti Fauzie, took time out of her busy schedule to personally welcome the party. Since the visit was not planned to include any formality, Mdm. Fauzie’s welcome was highly appreciated. The students enjoyed the one-hour tour during which they could embark in a journey along the path of several Indonesia’s founding fathers. They also enjoyed the city of Bandung which welcomed them with its cool air and distinct vista around its hilly areas, of which they got the opportunity to enjoy as the trip concluded.

IULI INR thanks MKAA for its warm welcome as well as all parties that made the visit possible. (SaK/MiE)


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