IBA & MGT in International Business Case Studies

In keeping with the social sciences commitment to students facing real world problems, under the supervision of Dr. Samuel Prasetya, the IULI’s IBA 3 & MGT 3 students in their International Business course have to present potential solutions to the debt crises in Greece. It helps the students to understand that there are rarely simple solutions to complex problems. They have to mimic a parliamentary meeting in Greece with all the conventions and procedures involved. As in real life, the students may have to make compromises to get at least part of what they want. Remember that the actual Greek debt crisis threatened the existence of the European Union as it is structured,  has left lasting bitterness in Greece amongst large parts of the populace and has, essentially, not yet been resolved.

In addition, issues pertinent to Congo’s crises, Starbucks and Bangladesh Textile were also discussed to provide additional insights on the relevance and influential factors which contribute to crises in countries and global companies (MiE).

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