Power Electronics (Inverter)

Transistor pulse converter with voltage link for the generation of a three-phase, frequency and amplitude-variable output voltage from an AC mains. This unit in conjunction with the corresponding control unit is used to assemble a frequency converter or servo amplifier.


  • Single-phase mains connection
  • Variable link voltage via fully controllable B2C rectifier bridge circuit
  • Three-phase inverter built with IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor)
  • Maximum operating frequency 20 kHz, resulting in good approximation of sinusoidal current as well as low noise build-up in the machine
  • Output short-circuit proof, earth-fault proof and switch proof
  • Interface for connection of the control unit (25-pole sub-D socket, TTL level)
  • Each individual transistor can be switched on and off via the interface and is protected from damage with an interlocking device
  • The respective activated IGBT’s are displayed via LEDs
  • Monitoring of the variable link voltage, machines and converter excess temperature, excess currents in the rectifier and inverter. Output of the switching status via interface and display via LEDs
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Safe separated extra-low voltage (SELV) between the power component and the control unit
  • Output currents are detected via Hall generators. Electrically separated output via interface
  • 2 stage mains filter for the reduction of the line-bound interference
  • 3-phase motor filter for the reduction of the edge steepness of the pulse voltages at the converter output to values < 250 V/µs