IULI Open House 2018

The second Open House of 2018 was held on the 5th May 2018 at our IULI Campus, The Breeze, BSD City. In this event, Dr.-Ing. Ilham A Habibie, MBA, founder of International University Liaison Indonesia, gave a keynote speech about being a successful individual through educative and personal experiences in foreign countries with people from various backgrounds. Prospective students and their parents were informed that there is now a bridge that will make it easier to acquire a higher education overseas. Students will get the chance to experience and learn how to become a researcher and will also have the opportunity to do an internship that relates to their study program.

Studying in Germany is regarded as a great opportunity for not only European students, but also for students from all over the world. The valuable experience will provide them with a first-class education, a new language to learn and also an adaptation to a foreign culture and customs. The double degree program in IULI, (allowing students to acquire an Indonesian Sarjana 1 Degree and a German Bachelor’s Degree) will open doors for Indonesian students to become successful, independent individuals that will be ready to face encounters in life and international environments.

The prospective students that came to the event also had the chance to take a closer look into IULI’s study programs. Here, they were able to join interactive presentations and demonstrations that were prepared by each study program.




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