IULI Internal Cup 2018

The Student Executive Board conducted their 6th IULI Internal Cup, on the 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 27th and 29th April 2018. This event is considered an occasion where IULI students no only compete with each other in sports activities but also tighten the relationship between students. Furthermore, students who have attended sports clubs can show their skill development. This competition is conducted once every semester. This time, the Internal Cup had 4 types of sports (Futsal, Basketball, Badminton and E-Sport). This cup is a competition between faculties in IULI. So, each faculty sends 3 male teams and 1 female team to compete in this internal cup. Of course, the first batch, second batch and also third batch can be involved as one team as long as they are in the same faculty.

Futsal Competition

The sixth IULI internal futsal competition was held on Friday, April 6 and 13, 2018 and took place in Spartan, Alam Sutera. The competition involved 9 male teams (3 male teams from each faculty) and 3 female teams (1 female team from each faculty). Every faculty tried to bring every student, and the atmosphere was intense, yet still friendly. In addition, the competition was cheerful because everybody participated in order to create a great vibe and to establish solidarity with one another.

In the end, Life Sciences team C, which consisted of Che, Fariz, Fakhri, Nadhiv, Zacky, Danis and Verdi, were first winners after a fierce final with Business and Social Sciences team A, which consisted of Filemon, Aldy, Dimo, Dean, Imam, Nadhif and Adrian. The final score was 2-1. The top scorer, who scored 5 goals, was Fakhri from Biomedical Engineering, who was also the MVP of the internal cup this semester. On the girls’ side, the Faculty of Business Social and Sciences was the winner after a final match with the Faculty of Engineering with the score 1-0. The MVP from the girls’ side was Sella from Hotel and Tourism Management with 2 goals.

Basketball Competition

After a very intense study schedule, the sixth internal basketball competition was held on Thursday, April 19 and Friday, April 27, 2018. The competition was held in Gold’s Gym, The Breeze. After several tight matches, the final was between Engineering team A, which consisted of Ivan, Henggar, Jordan, Faisal, Joshua, Ebro and Michael H and Engineering team C which consisted of Michael R, Daniel, Jeremy, Thadeus, Marcell, Donny and Guntur. After two rounds, the winner was Engineering A with the score 41-18. The MVP from the boys’ side was Jordan from Aviation Engineering. On the girls’ side, the winner was the Faculty of Business and Social Science and the MVP was Alexandrina from International Relations.

Badminton Competition

This is the first time Badminton was added to the internal cup and the event was held on Thursday, April 5 and April 12, 2018. This competition was held in Candra Wijaya International Badminton Center, Serpong. This competition is also between faculties in IULI, so each of them sent 2 male singles, 2 male doubles, 2 female singles and 2 female doubles.

The final match of male singles was between Yohanes from Engineering and Nadhiv from Life Sciences. Yohanes won with score 21-17, 21-11. The final match of male doubles was between Harman and Taufik from Engineering and Thadeus and Bryan from Engineering, and was won by Harman and Taufik from Mechatronics Engineering with the score 21-9, 21-19. And from the girls’ final match of female singles the match was between Chikita from Businees and Social Sciences and Dearetta from Engineering. Chikita from International Relations won with score 21-11, 21-9. The final match of female doubles was between Chikita and Felia from Business and Social Sciences and Kusti and Lidwina from Life Sciences. Chikita and Felia from International Relations won with the score 21-14, 21-7.

E-Sport Competition

This is also a new category in the internal cup. It is not exactly a sport, yet it is rather an online match. The type of this E-sport is Dota, and involved 6 teams. The teams are not only from each faculty in IULI. Students can pick their own team members. These teams were Kuluka, Kulika, nuub, Sowieso Culun, AMPUN BWANG and Berpacu Dengan Melodi. The competition was held online on a weekend.

There were 2 teams in the final. There was Kuluka consisting of Che, Rizky, Aldy, Raka, Gilang and Zacky and AMPUN BWANG consisting of Verdi, Imam, Fariz, Ryo, Tama and Krisna. This final match was held on Sunday, April 29 2018.


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