INR Student Assoc. screened and discussed work on women’s issue

25 August 2017 – The International Relations Student Association (HIMAHI) in association with Department of International Relations (INR) held a movie screening and talk show focusing on an often-overlooked issue: sexual violence and harassment in academia. For that particular topic the Association chose to screen a much-praised documentary “The Hunting Ground”.

The talk presented two speakers with differing backgrounds: Dr. Adriana V. Aryani from the National Commission on Violence against Women (KOMNAS Perempuan RI) and dr. Sophia Hage from the NGO Lentera Sintas Indonesia. While the topic is sometimes considered as contentious but in fact it is a concern that is shared by quite a number of people. During the limited time that was allocated for Q&A both the speakers and audience were enthusiastic in discussing a range of issues related to it.

During the discussion the speakers informed several addresses to where cases of sexual violence can be reported. Some practical tips about what to do when act of sexual violence happens around us were also shared. So was about dealing with victims. The general consensus was when cases involving sexual violence happen it is generally very difficult to be processed unless the victim is willing to commit herself to the process. The first step should always come from her; she should speak out and not wait for other to speak for her.

The screening was originally planned for the last semester; it was decided to postpone so that students who enrolled in the class “Gender and International Relations” could benefit from the discussion too. The initiative was well received by both the speakers and the audience. Dr. Aryani was quoted as saying: “I am very pleased that this campus holds this kind of event. Not every campus has a good program on gender and sexual awareness, and we need to keep this campus stays sterile from any act of sexual assault.”

The Friday afternoon event was attended by staff and students from various majors—confirming IULI as a modern institution that is concerned with safe learning environment based on respect for humanistic values. (SaK/MiE)

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