International Relations students at IDX – Indonesia Stock Exchange

17 May 2017 – IULI International Relations (INR) students who are currently enrolled in the class “Principles of Economics 2” went to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia) – IDX on 16 May 2017. They participated in a IDX-tailored program “Yuk Nabung Saham”, aimed to invite domestic parties to invest in capital market through share saving. It is also a campaign aimed at changing the habit of most Indonesians who prioritize saving to investing which, in the long run, increases the risk of potential threat to economic stability. Therefore not only is IULI students’ participation in the program contributory to their own knowledge, it is also so for national economic resilience.

This excursion is a part of the enrichment methods that are becoming a staple in the education of international relations at IULI. The department believes that first-hand experiences are very important in helping students grasp the multifaceted aspect of knowledge commonly present in social sciences. Although programs about stock investment are not new in IULI, the lecturers of the INR Department took a step further by taking students directly to the Market and provided them with a hands-on experience. (SaK)

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