“Welcome INR class of 2017”

5 August 2017 – One week after IULI’s Orientation Week concluded the International Relations Student Association (HIMAHI) held a department level orientation for new students of International Relations (INR). Not only is this form of activity the first for INR, it is also so for IULI.

During the Orientation the new students were introduced to various topics, among others: what they will learn throughout their study, life as a college student, and the associated organizations within and outside the University that one day they will engage with. The half-day event culminated with a ceremony during which two freshmen representatives read the “IULI INR Civitas Pledge”. Afterwards they were presented with the Noctis badge―marking their formal inclusion into the IULI INR civitas.

The Department of International Relations fully supported the initiative as it is an important multum in parvo moment towards building a distinct, shared, and enduring sense of belonging. As with good universities anywhere the first step towards excellence starts with strong departments whose civitas academica are robust and enthusiastic, in conjunction with shrewd management practices at the upper tiers of the academic hierarchy.

The Department and Association warmly welcome the youngest members of the INR family. (SaK/MiE)

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