Habibie Festival 2016

The Habibie Festival was held to commemorate ex-president Habibie’s 80th birthday and his contribution to science and technology in Indonesia on August 11-14 at the National Museum. Aside from BJ Habibie’s birthday celebration, the festival was held to unify the various organizations affiliated with him and to celebrate Indonesia’s 60-year journey since independence. It was also a forum at which the public could learn about the latest developments in Indonesian science and technology. It was a collaboration between various organizations, government, institutions, corporations and the community.

International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI), as an education institution founded by Dr.-Ing. Ilham A. Habibie, contributed to this event. During the event, our campus promoted IULI activities such as departmental work, laboratory activities, and student organization.

Nadia, the IULI liaison officer, currently studying Aviation Engineering said, “It was a fascinating event. There were exhibitions, talk shows, film screenings, workshops, and also science challenges. We get a lot of insight into Indonesia’s technologies. We hope we can apply our knowledge from our study in real life”.

Suprisingly, Bapak Ilham Habibie visit IULI’s booth along with the Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Casper Klynge and some Sweden embassy staff. He’s introducing IULI and mention some future plan for collaboration with the embassy.
Habibie Festival 2016

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