IULI’s Students Participation in the English Competition at BiNus

On 30 September and 1 October, 2017, 8 students from IULI took part in the annual international Binus English competition. Except for one student, this was their first time taking part in this kind of national/international competition. The students were: Kevin Garcia (News Casting), Anjanette Louise Juliana (News Casting0, Shaban Benito Luigi (Story Writing), Rafidah Rahma (Story Writing), Audrey Pradnya Prameswari (Story Writing), Sahil Kumar (Speech), Raditya Krishnayudha (Speech), and Raditya Ramaganesha Djuliardhie (Speech).

Binus, along with UI, are the two major English competitions in the university calendar. In the newscasting competition, Anjanette and Kevin reached the second round before elimination. They both learned a tremendous amount from the whole experience and feel confident of making more progress next time. Like storytelling, there is no substitute for experience in news casting.

In the speech competition, Sahil reached the semi-final and Raditya actually finished second overall. For students new to such competition, this was a remarkable achievement. They and Rama now better understand the need to produce a carefully signposted speech.

In the story telling competition, Benito finished second and Audrey got a special award for originality and creativeness. Again, this is a great achievement and they and Rafidah will learn for the future.

All the students were excited by the whole atmosphere of the competition, learned a lot from their involvement and want to do it again!! (MiE)

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