IBA & MGT Debates on Organizational Behavior & Development

Facilitated by Dr. Samuel Prasetya, students of IBA & MGT semester 3 in their Organizational Behavior & Development subject followed the faculty commitment to in-depth & applied study of situations involving real life economic problems. The following scenario is replicated all over the world and there is no absolute right or wrong answer. However, the students have to find arguments to defend their views.

Group A wants to keep things as they are:
In a small rural area, a factory has been operating for the last 40 years & has become the major employer in a town of a  few hundred thousand residents. Employees expect a job for life. However, the machinery & equipment are a bit obsolete and lots of improvements & upgrades are necessary for this factory to face the increasing competition. Overheads are 30% above those of their main competitors although income is OK at the moment.

Groups B wants to change things:
A multinational firm from Italy is trying to penetrate the market with new tech, young employees & trendy design. The brand is well-known and recognize worldwide.

Students are encouraged to reach a win-win solution (if possible) (MiE).

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