Photo Hunting in CFD Jakarta by IULI Photography club

11 October 2017 – On Sunday, 8 october 2017, the IULI photography club embarked on a photo hunt. The event was held during the car free day in Thamrin – Sudirman, Jakarta. This photo hunt was enlivened by the new photography members from batch 2017. A total of 20 members gathered at FX mall Sudirman at 7 in the morning.

After the the short opening by the leader of the photography club, (Winna Ayuangasti), the members spread out in groups and started to shoot pictures. Some of the members went snapping pictures at Semanggi, some went to the Bundaran HI monument, and some even went as far to the national monument (MONAS). The weather was nice and sunny, which made it ideal for taking pictures.

When the CAR FREE DAY endedAT 11AM,  the members gathered back in FX Sudirman  where the hunt ended with a final briefing by the club leader.

“to be honest, it was very enjoyable to walk and take in the most out of everything and try to take pictures even though it was challenging.  Overall , it was a good experience.” – Raihan (AVE 2017)

“It was nice to see the brighter side of the center, when it isn’t jammed up with cars in traffic. There were also a lot of interesting pictures to take. Although. it was quite tiring to walk around, the sights made it worth it in the end. “ Jeremy (MEE 2016)

“I am happy that the second photo hunt has finally been carried out although there were some drawbacks.  SWince there were more members this time, we still had a lot of fun. All in all it was quite a successful event because most of the members were very enthusiastic about the photo hunt.” – Winna (MTE 2015)

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