IULI English Competition 2016 for High school Students

IULI, 9 November 2016. The new IULI semester 1 batch is combining enthusiastically with the semester 3 batch of students through the Student Executive Board to stage IULI’s first SCHOOL’S  ENGLISH COMPETITION.

The event is aimed at capturing the interest of high school students while engaging a competitive side and embracing English proficiency, which has become a mandatory skill today. It also aims at making IULI better known to students in the Jakarta area.

While technology is an integral part of university life and life in general, the Student Executive Board nevertheless decided to still pursue the conventional way of visiting high schools by delivering  invitations by hand. Through the  creative team from PR, the Student Executive Board came up with an astonishing and radiant poster which is a definite winner! In addition, email invitations are also high in reliability as they are one of the ways to approach students individually. With more than 50 high schools listed, the Student Executive Board is exposing IULI in a different way with the hope of becoming a friendlier, humbler and better known university.

This English Competition is a stepping stone for us students to unite with one voice and spread knowledge of our beloved university to a wider audience, particularly high schools. So what are you waiting for guys? Come and join our event!

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