IULI Management Students take part in MoU Signing of Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Indonesia is blessed with abundant resources, including human resources. Being the fourth most populous country in the world gives Indonesia a tremendous chance of becoming a better nation. Recently, a new joint agreement was established intending to build Indonesia through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).  Two IULI students were privileged to be a part of this significant event.

Ignatius Andreas & Raditya Rama-both from Management Batch 2015-were involved during the signing, on Wednesday, November 29th 2017, as part of the Anglo Euro Developers team – an international energy firm located at The Plaza Office Tower – Central Jakarta. The aim of the MoU signing at the Keraton Hotel was to realize the agenda of “People First Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure and Social Development Projects in Indonesia”. The three parties involved in the signing were Anglo Euro Developers, Nawa Cita Indonesia and Nahdlatul Ulama. A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is where a co-operation between the government and the private sector is created to develop the nation through various projects.

Anglo Euro Developers is an official institution in advancing Public-Private Partnerships under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Nawa Cita Indonesia (literally translating as Nine Dreams) is a foundation started by H.E. Ir. Joko Widodo-The President of Indonesia- in the hope of developing Indonesia through its infrastructure. Nahdlatul Ulama, commonly known as NU, is a non-government foundation with the largest Muslim membership in Indonesia.

Ignatius Andreas shared his experience:  “Being able to witness this sort of event really built my optimism for the future, both for the nation and myself. I always ask how I can  contribute to my country, This may be a small step but I have to start somewhere. I am thrilled to be involved in this because this is also a great way to learn about real life situations, not just through text books.” Andreas mentioned his job roles included ushering, greeting guests and, most importantly, handling documents throughout the event. Raditya Rama, who was an MC during the event also expressed his view: “I agree with Andre that this was a great opportunity for self- development because not all classrooms have four walls. We can learn anywhere, anytime as long as we are willing.”

Both students openly expressed their excitement and are looking forward to being involved in other thrilling projects. They may only be students today, but to start a journey of a thousand miles takes one single step! (written by: Raditya Rama – MGT 2015, Ignatius Andreas – MGT 2015 & edited by: MiE)

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