Flying Faculty: Partnership Program from TU-Ilmenau and Kazan University for IULI Students

5 December 2017 – Partner universities TU Ilmenau Germany and Kazan University Russia sent two of their lecturers, Dr.-Ing. Stephan Lau, from the  Institut für Biomedizinische Technik und Informatik, TU-Ilmenau and L.A. Makarova from the Department of Aero hydrodynamics, Kazan National Research Technical University (or Tupolev)  to give lectures to IULI students as part of the flying faculty arrangements IULI has with TU Ilmenau Germany in regard to the double degree program.

For two weeks, from 27 November until 8 December 2017, Dr.-Ing. Stephan Lau taught  the course subject ‘ Biolectromagnetism and Source Reconstruction’ to students from Mechatronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering while L.A. Makarova taught the course subject  ‘Fluid Dynamics’ to Aviation Engineering students.

In the last session, the students had to do a final examination as part of the study program requirements. The whole process, although very demanding of time, was extremely useful for the students and we thank the lecturers for their time and commitment. Also in order to give them the picture of Indonesia, L.A. Makarova and Dr.-Ing. Stephan Lau invited by IULI management to visit Ragunan Zoo and met Frau Ulrike von Mengden (the mother of the Apes), she is the activist from Germany who devoting her life to be a curator in Ragunan Zoo Indonesia.

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