Guest Lecture: Technology Innovation and Automation in Indonesia

The Chief Technology Officer – CTO of PT. Arwina Techno Dwimanunggal, Mr. Norbert Fechter gave a presentation on 19 February, 2018 at our IULI campus.

IULI engineering faculty had the opportunity to participate in this informative event and had the chance to take a closer look into the manufacturing process of shoes, specifically in mold making and injection process. The presentation itself was titled, “ Technology Innovation and Automation in Indonesia for the Mold and Injection Process” and gave a very detailed description of the topic. Other than getting technical information, the students were also able to watch video clips that showed the actual mold making and injection process for football shoes.

From cutting the material to the creation of studs and to 3D printing, the students got to witness it all. This lecture was part of IULI’s aim to introduce the students to the real world of business and manufacturing. Students could see the ‘complicated simplicity’ of production!!

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