Based on social reconstruction philosophy, history education does not only talk about the past, but also relate to the present, and look forward the future. In this context, the history learning is made to be oriented in gender equality. Gender issues have become a global agenda nowadays, where the inequality can make one of the parties, which in this case is women, discredited. Education, included history education, should be as the agent which can contribute in solving gender inequality problems. In order to prepare the history learning oriented to gender equality, there are two main points. First, to create a history learning that oriented to gender equality, teacher should have a deep understanding about it, which could be delivered in learning process and content. Second, on its implementation, history learning that could accommodate gender equality’s values is contextual learning by connecting between the past and the present through dialogues full of critical questions. Discussion might be made through question and answer which bridged with gender issues emancipatory critical questions. Concluded, history learning can be as an effort in cultivating of gender equality, as a part in developing the social justice.

Keywords: social reconstruction, gender equality, critical questions

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