Voices from the Participants of Internal Cup 9

By Angelina Maharani (Biomedical Engineering 2018/Member of Media Club)

The Internal Cup has been held every semester and is a tradition for IULI students. The participants were eager to welcome the latest Internal Cup, especially the freshmen. Each faculty sent representatives to participate in each branch of the competition. In these interviews, some of them expressed their excitement  regarding this year’s internal cup.

We interviewed Alfi from Food Technology 2019, Nyoman from Chemical Engineering 2018, and Luthfan from Mechanical Engineering 2018. As participants of Internal Cup 9, the three of them answered our questions with enthusiasm and explained the situations during the games. They were thrilled to become a part of the internal cup; they even participated in more than one branch. Nyoman, decided to take a part in Dota 2, football, basketball, and PUBGM. He also said that his football matches were very tiring because he had to play for two teams. Luckily, he won the match for 1:1 Dota 2 tournament and he felt like his hard work had finally paid off. As a first timer, Alfi stated that she was excited to join the Life Science’s football and basketball teams.

It was very delightful to hear the excitement in their answers. We asked them what or who had been their greatest influence to play for the internal cup. Luthfan gave us a direct answer by saying his friends from Mechanical Engineering drove him to try his best during the match. Alfi also mentioned that her friend from Chemical Engineering persuaded her to join the game so that she could get to know more people. Aside from friends, Nyoman gave us a surprising answer that the Dean of Life Science, Mr. Tutun Nugraha, was the biggest influence on his decision to participate.

However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rest of internal cup competition is being postponed and no one knows when it will continue. Alfi shared her opinition by saying, “It’s unfortunate, but I do believe that it’s the best decision. Everyone’s safety should come first”. Luthfan shared his concern by saying, “ I agree, since our campus has also started online classes”. Nyoman also added that this event could possibly be a place for coronavirus transmission, and it is a great decision to postpone the internal cup.

Even though the internal is being held up temporarily, the committee has been working very hard to make a bigger and better internal cup each semester. As a participant and the head of this year’s internal cup, Nyoman said, “there are some obstacles, as some committees are late to share important information.”

We asked them if they had any suggestions for the next internal cup, Alfi and Nyoman suggested adding more branches of competition. Alfi said, “Maybe add other branches of competition that are for less sporty students which can be in other forms of arts or maybe academic study of some sorts. Have a simple science projects competition to make all students feel included and will be more willing to participate”. Nyoman answered the question by saying that adding other branches of sport and e-sport might be good. Luthfan shared his opinion by saying that having more participants would make the internal cup more interesting.

As participants of the internal cup and IULI family, we can only hope that one day the internal cup will become bigger, better, and more challenging. Most importantly, we hope with fewer obstacles and in better circumstances.

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