Aviation Gathering: Makrab

29 August 2017 – After two weeks of studying, the entire student body of Aviation Engineering did Malam Keakraban for the first time on the 25th and 26th of August at the IULI guest house.

Malam Keakraban was attended by Mr. Ananta Widjaja, Ms. Ressa Octavianty, and Mr. Triwanto Simandjuntak, and the students of 3 batches of Aviation Engineering. This event aimed to ensure that the students got to know each other and got closer to each another. The event opened with introductions of every individual that attended, followed by the professors sharing their experiences within the aviation industry. There was also a session where a representative of every batch got to share their hopes and experiences with the rest of the participants. Other than sharing stories, the participants also got to play games so that the atmosphere was fun. The next day the participants indulged in outdoor activities.

Although it was only for one night, the students of Aviation Engineering had an experience that they will never forget. Hopefully, with events like this KMTP IULI will continue to grow and prosper. Aviasi Jaya!”

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