Student Executive Board Inauguration 2018-2019

Thursday, 1 November 2018- The Student Executive Board Period of 2017/2018 has come to an end and the students are ready to welcome their new leaders Muhammad Fadel Ramadhan as Chairman and Raihan Syauqi as the vice Chairman at the BEM (Student Executive Board) Inauguration.

The event started off with a prayer and a motivating opening speech by Dr.Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Rachman Sjarief, MM., MH.  He encouraged and motivated students to become more active in student organizations and to improve their skills.

Maheswara Sinatriyo as chariman and Malinda Shella Rahmadani as vice chairman of the student executive board period 2017-2018 and also their team presented their previous programs and events that they have completed during the 2017-2018. The handover letter was signed over by Maheswara Sinatriyo and Malinda Shella Ramadhani to Muhammad Fadel Ramadhan as the new chairman and Raihan Syauqi as the new vice chairman and with that the new Student Executive Board was officially inaugurated.


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