MGT & IBA Students’s Attainment in the BEKRAF Habibie Festival 2017

Every year a much-anticipated event called the Habibie Festival is conducted. This special festival is officially sponsored by BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia) otherwise known as The Indonesian Creative Economy Agency. This very festival is part of the legacy by the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia and the Father of Indonesian Technology, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.


IULI has once again become privileged by being one of the volunteers for the event. Various responsibilities were assigned to IULI students. Starting in becoming a Liaison Officer, tour guide for elementary students, social media organizer even as the Master of Ceremony and Mediator during the event. Wendy Suhady from International Business Administration 2015 was involved even prior to the event. Wendy took part as an intern in the office of Orbit Ventura, the company responsible for holding the BEKRAF Habibie Festival. Some of Wendy’s responsibilities were making journals and materials for the event’s publication. Those were only few of other responsibilities Wendy carried. “It was another great opportunity that I took. The work it self was bearable, but I am more honored due to the cause that this even is trying to project. It wants to reach out to younger generations that Indonesian has great potential in excelling through creative and tech-savvy industries. However, big plans will not be relevant from an initial change within ourselves! Eyang Habibie is one of Indonesia’s most prominent figures, being part of his legacy is an achievement on its own!”


Another pride acquired by a student from the Department of Management was surprisingly appointed as both MC and Moderator during the event. Raditya Rama, became a moderator and MC during his “3-day shift” of the BEKRAF Habibie Festival 2017. “Becoming the MC was a last minute decision. I intended to become the event’s reporter but then was appointed as the MC. Luckily, it wasn’t a formal setting so I was able to keep it casual and laidback. What was more of a surprise when I was assigned to become a moderator on spot. After my first attempt, I was assigned to do a second one. It turned out well I got excited.” During the talkshow, Rama became a moderator for prominent speakers, such as; Yasa Singgih, a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Men’s Republic, and Dr. Tasha Siregar, an Eye-Specialist surgeon from the Jakarta Eye Center.


Great job guys! Looking forward to seeing you guys work your wonders and bring IULI’s name to farther horizon (Rama-MGT 2015 & MiE).

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