LAPAN Workshop

On the 30th of September 2018, the students from the Aviation Engineering study program participated in a workshop on Satellite Communication conducted by LAPAN (Lembaga Antariksa dan Penerbangan Nasional) at Puspitek Serpong. The workshop participants were trained to create an antenna from some aluminum and PVC pipes to be used for receiving voice communication via satellite. The antenna was connected to a handy talky as the speaker. The IULI team successfully created an antenna that was able to receive the satellite communication signal and produce the sound clearly through the handy talky. Our students Faisal Tri Mulyawan, Dimas Hisyamadika Daffandrino (AVE 2017), Joddy Pranata and Rosmahariyanti (AVE 2018) took part in this event and were awarded 1 million Rupiah after winning the challenge.


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