IULI Students in the Airline Operation Management Course

As part of IUI’s commitment to putting theory into practice, IULI students in the Airline Operation Management course, led by lecturers Ananta Wijaya MSc and Neno Ruseno MSc, were given the task of handling an imaginary airline (either full-service or low cost), formulating the routes, flight hours, destinations, connecting flights, and crew schedules/rotations. They also had to factor in maintenance schedules and analyse competitor threats, cost structures and potential revenues.
There were 4 groups, taken from IBA, MGT & HTM 2015-2017.

a. Group 1: a full-serviced airline “Infinity Airlines” = Kevin, Vathra, Nabilah, Clara, Putri, Rachel, Handoko, Riva & Rahayu

b. Group 2: an LCC airline “Neo Santiara Airlines” = Tisa, Devia, Via, Michelle, Iqbal Surya, Yosef, Rezza & Moh Iqbal

c. Group 3: a full-serviced airline “Nirmala Airlines” = Yoel, Karissa, Devara, Wilbert, Safrini, Michaela & Evan

d. Group 4: low cost airline “Sunny Airlines” = Cindy, Nikita, Allissa, Reggyana, Estrella, Grace, Saras & Farid

The groups had had the stimulating but difficult task of presenting on Thursday, May 31, 2018 from 9 am to 1 pm the semester-long research/findings & results for potential investors to the examiners, Ananta Wijaya, MSc (via Skype as he is currently in UK), Neno Ruseno, MSc, Timotius A. Rachmat, MM (Hos) & Dr. Samuel Prasetya
Although there was natural rivalry between the groups, there was also a sense of excitement and comaraderie as each group could learn from the other groups.

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