IULI Research Partnership: Signing of Patent Registration Documents for Production of Nano-Folate (Vitamin B9)

7 December 2017 – As one of the outcomes of the research cooperation between LIPI and IULI, a document for patent registration was produced, and will be submitted to the Indonesian office for Intellectual Property Rights registration. The signing was done at the Reserch Center for Chemistry, LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Serpong),  and was witnessed by Ms. Agustine Susilowati and other senior staff from the research center.  The research is of interest to IULI as part of the R&D programs within the Departments of Food Technology and Chemical Engineering within the Faculty of Life Sciences.

The work focused on the production of naturally derived nano-folates which are also known as  vitamin B9.  In this case, the natural folates were produced from the kombucha fermentation of vegetables, i.e. Spinach and Broccoli.  Folates are one of the key elements that are needed by the human body for the production of red blood cells to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Furthermore, they are also needed to support healthy pregnancy and to support the healthy growth of children.

Following the meeting, IULI’s team, including the two members of the IULI Flying Faculty, Dr.-Ing. Stephan Lau, from the  Institut für Biomedizinische Technik und Informatik, TU-Ilmenau, and Assocoiate Prof. L.A. Makarova from the Department of Aero hydrodynamics, Kazan National Research Technical University (or Tupolev) were also given a short tour of the facilities at the research center.

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