IULI Launch Online Sit in Class

IULI Launched Online Sit in Class

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many industrial sectors have been unable to carry out all their activities, including the education sector in Indonesia. But IULI did not stop work and has been creative in carrying out the process of teaching-learning and sharing knowledge with the young people of Indonesia.

IULI, since April 6, 2020, has launched an online program SIC (Sit-In Class) with a variety of interesting topics in accordance with our competencies. The initial topic chosen was about Drone Technology and Business Management conducted by our lecturers who are professional and competent in the fields of Aviation Engineering and International Business Administration. The hot topic is the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Impact on Technology, the Environment and Society in Indonesia.  The Sit-in Class online was organized by IULI’s International Relations, Faculty of Business & Social Sciences and most participants in this Sit-In Class attended the “Teknologi Pangan Membawamu Menjadi Entrepreneur (Kafe, Resto, Catering & Industri)” program, which attracted 80 participants. This topic was explained by our lecturer from our Life Science Faculty, Majoring in Food Technology.

There are many interesting topics that we have focused on. Up to now we have held 12 Sit-In Classes online and 4 topics have been covered through Zoom. IULI is very enthusiastic to continue this program because of the positive responses from the participants. Participants came from various backgrounds, such as prospective students, employees, and even students from other universities.

So, those of you who want to join please check the IULI website or official social media to

get updates about our Sit-In Class program.

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