IULI Graduates are Ready to Tackle the “Unknown” World

The second batch of 80 students of International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI) were awarded with National Degrees and also International Joint Degrees in Engineering, Life Sciences and Business & Social Sciences in cooperation with partner Universities in Germany under the coordination of Technische Universität Ilmenau (TU Ilmenau), Germany.

International University Liaison Indonesia celebrated the 2020 graduation with a virtual ceremony in light of in-person commencement ceremonies being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ceremony was held via zoom and was attended by 80 graduates in Indonesia and 4 cities in Germany. The event was also broadcasted live on YouTube, so that parents, families and friends could enjoy the ceremony from their homes.

29 out of 80 students had commenced their studies in 2016 and completed all requirements in both Indonesia and Germany to acquire their International Joint Degree, Double Degree and Student Exchange Certificate, while the remaining students finished their studies in Indonesia to acquire their National Degree.

The ceremony started at 3 PM in the afternoon by welcoming the graduating students and also with opening speeches by the Foundation and the rector of IULI Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo M.S.Mfg.E.  The ceremony was also enriched with the beautiful voices of the IULI Choir as they virtually performed national and traditional songs.

The event started with the rector of IULI Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo M.S.Mfg.E,  the vice rector and the representatives of the Senat being shown on spotlight one by one while being accompanied by the song Gaudeamus Igitur sung by the IULI choir.

This procession was continued by the open Senate Assembly led by the vice rector of academics Tutun Nugraha, Ph.D and also the reading of the Decree of the graduates of International University Liaison Indonesia, on behalf of the Vice Rector for Academic, by Dr. Samuel Prasetya

The awarding of graduation certificates for Double Degree, International Joint Degree and National Degree of graduates in TU Ilmenau was conducted by Former Rector of Technical University of Ilmenau Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. habil. Dr. h.c. Peter Scharff on behalf of International University Liaison Indonesia Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo, M.S.Mfg.E. This was done due to the Covid 19 pandemic travel precautions, to ensure the health and safety of our graduates.

Professor Dr.rer. Nat. habil. Dr. Honoris Causa Peter Scharff along with Professor Dr.-Ing, habil. Heinrich Kern, Coordinator of the IULI-Germany project and Board of Supervisors of IULI continued with a short speech to congratulate the graduates and convey an important message. They motivated the graduates to make use of all knowledge and skills during their study and their experience from the internship to further pursue their studies or to strive at the industry that they desire to work in.

The foundation they have built in the time of their studies will be a great preparation for their next stage of life. “We are very proud and from our hearts we hope that the graduates will have a bright future”, added Professor Dr. rer. Nat. habil. Dr. Honoris Causa Peter Scharff.

Afterward, the event continued with the awarding of the rest of the graduates in Indonesia and three cities in Germany.

Grace Theodorus, Bachelor Arts, majoring in International Relations, was the best graduate of her faculty. She gave an inspiring and motivational speech in which she encouraged her fellow graduates to always adapt in any situation and also to always be grateful for all the blessings and opportunities in life.

The rector of IULI then continued with his speech. He congratulated all graduates and thanked all partners who have contributed to IULI’s success. In his speech he mentioned “Being the second batch of students for four years at IULI has been shaping every one of you to become a pioneer. A pioneer who did not only learn the courage to accept challenges in uncertainties, a pioneer who was forced to adopt a way and be familiar with facing problems, a pioneer who was exercising to make up one’s mind and be confident with the decision and acquired the habit in seeing the opportunities that lie ahead. All of this is becoming more relevant to our current COVID-19 situation. I believe that these pioneering experiences that you’ve had, which are now already with you, inside, will help you face your future. The knowledge and the skills you have gained, the attitude you have learned and shaped, the international exposure and internship you have had, will provide you a set of tools to survive in the professional working fields, along with heart and smart working to step up your career.”

Following the rector’s speech was another inspiring message by the Founder and Chairman of Board of Trustees Doctor. Ing. Ilham Akbar Habibie, MBA. “In this unknown new world, much of your skills and experiences will be important to be remembered or used to form the new world, which is a blend between of what we see today the extreme version of everything online and what we have known from the past when we were interacting more in a physical way with one another. So, the new world will be a blend of this. So, I think, blending experiences online, offline or experiences that you might have in Germany or somewhere else in Indonesia or also languages that you have studied. Language skills that we all have, like Indonesian, English and some of us have also learned German- This blending, the blending of experiences and making something which is your own personal, professional treasure that is something, which cannot be overstated, is very important in today’s world, in tomorrow’s world, in whatever world. To mix and be inspired by things that are unknown to us, in order to enrich ourselves to find solutions, to find innovations, to find new forms of life and culture for things that are unknown to us.”

The last speech was delivered by the Head of Higher Education Service Office in Region 4 for West Java and Banten provinces: Prof Dr. Uman Suherman, M.Pd. In his valuable speech he said “I have truly witnessed, that IULI does not only provide knowledge, IULI does not only tell their students how they can show their skills in learning to do their tasks, but I hope, that just like Mr. Ilham Habibie has mentioned, you will learn how to build and create a character, so that you will not only be capable in learning to know and learning to do, but you can also be yourselves by learning how to be”.

The duration of the ceremony was about 2 hours long and was successfully executed and the joy and happiness of the graduates and their families was truly felt, despite the physical distance.

IULI’s mission is to provide the Indonesian with a real exposure to international interactions in terms of research experience, working experience, culture, and other aspects in life. Last year’s graduates are now working in established companies as well as start-ups both in Indonesia and Germany. This year the students also had very good internship results, which shows that IULI students have been well accepted by the German and Indonesian industry and companies.

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