International University Liaison Indonesia’ First Graduation Ceremony


The first batch of 81 students of International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI) were awarded with National Degrees and also International Joint Degrees in Engineering, Life Sciences and Business & Social Sciences in cooperation with partner Universities in Germany under the coordination of Technische Universitaet Ilmenau  (TU Ilmenau), Germany.

The Graduation Ceremony was held at BNI Building, BSD on Saturday, 10 August 2019 and speaking on the occasion were Mr. Suroso Head of Human Resources Of LLDIKTI4, Prof. Dr.rer.nat., Dr.h.c. Peter Scharff, rector of Technische Universitaet Ilmenau  (TU Ilmenau), Germany and also our founder Dr.-Ing. Ilham A. Habibie, MBA.

The ceremony started at 9 am in the morning by welcoming the graduating students into the ballroom of the BNI building. Following the students were the Senate who marched in majestically accompanied by the IULI Choir singing Gaudeamus. After that there was an opening speech by the rector of IULI Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo, MSMfgE

81 students had commenced their studies in 2015 and completed all requirements in both Indonesia and Germany to acquire their International Joint Degree while the remaining students finished their studies in Indonesia to acquire their National Degree. Paula Wendy Carmelita the Business and Social Sciences faculty was awarded with the valedictorian title with the GPA of 3,97. Following her were the best graduates of each faculty.  Teddy Matthew with the GPA of 3,88 of the Engineering Faculty, Amalia Fardiani with the GPA of 3,85 of the Life Sciences Faculty and Gyda Tertia with the GPA of 3,98 the Business and Social Science Faculty. The best graduate of the non-academic category was Thariq A. Kotoswantry also from the Business and Social Science Faculty.

The ceremony was greatly enriched by the beautiful voices of the IULI Choir , the performance of IULI’s traditional dancers and also by Dwi Cahyo Wibowo (Engineering 2017) and Bening Dhaivina Damardjati (Business and Social Sciences 2017) as the Masters of Ceremony. Last but not least the event was also supported by IULI’s very own team of Liasion Officers containing of students from batch 2016-2018.

 IULI is proud to announce that the first batch has successfully achieved the mission of the university which is to provide the Indonesian youth with a real exposure to international interactions in terms of research experience, working experience, culture, and other aspects in life.

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