For the completion of food and beverage production class in the fifth semester, HTM 2015 challenges them self to hold the first Gala Dinner at IULI Guest House that aims to be dedicated to their parents and their lectures. On this event, they are also shows their parents what they have gained during these five semesters.

HTM 2015 present four courses that supervision by Mr. Temmy Rachmat:

Appetizer :

  1. Chicken Terrine served with Mesclun Salad with Balsamic Vinegrette
  2. Mushroom Cream Soup

Main Course :

  1. Dori Fish with Herb Crusted served with Fondant Potatoes and Sauted Brocolly

Dessert :

  1. Cheese Cake with Sauce Chocolate Strawberry and Lemon

Apart from four courses above, HTM 2015 also proof their skill in making cookies under supervision Mr. Prajna Wiradharma in order to welcoming the Christmas Day 2017.

The success of the Gala Dinner is also not spared from their knowledge in how to running an event that they absorb during fifth semester from Event Management subject taught by Mr. Eril Sylvana which is Human Resources Department of ICE BSD.

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