HIMAHI publishes ‘HI!Folks’ / Vol. 02 – Issue 1

Vol 02 / Issue 1
Vol 02 / Issue 1

18 January 2018 – Drawing largely from various topics brought up in the class “Social Psychology”, the 3rd issue of HIMAHI’s (International Relations Student Association) biannual HI!Folks was published under the headline Human, People, Society. In this issue the student-writers explore commonly encountered social denials in culture and of ethnicity, and contrast them against “the Self”.

In addition to specially commissioned articles on the titular line, readers can also expect to find regular columns (the much-loved crossword is still there for those who like to challenge the Self, old-style). But what makes this issue different is the inclusion of not one, but two, ads in-between its pages. This step brings the magazine one step closer to professional management practices since no establishment—regardless of the origin story—can avoid to consider business decisions once it starts to gain a stable foothold.

A copy of the issue is available for download here. Or, if you prefer to view it online, visit here. (SaK)


For those who wonder about the name: 

“HI!Folks” is indeed a greeting, but not only that.

The “HI” also stands for Hubungan Internasional”, the Indonesian equivalent for “International Relations”.

Thus the name serves two purposes: it greets everyone close to heart and it refers to the IR community at-large, too.

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