Guest Lecture: Human Factor and Aviation Safety in Flight Test Operation

(By: Neno Ruseno)

On  Tuedsay 21 May 2019 Capt. Esther Gayatri Saleh (Chief Test Pilot N219 Aircraft, PT Dirgantara Indonesia), explained the process of aircraft design. The lecture began from the design, prototype, ground testing, flight-testing, certification and manufacturing. The aim of those processes is to build a good product that satisfies the customer needs.

She explained further on the 3 major components in flight test operation which are human (test pilot), machine (aircraft) and environment. All the components must be in good condition to achieve the success of operation. Especially for the human part, which requires knowledge, experience and attitude.

Capt. Esther shared her experience on how to become the first female test pilot in the world. In her early career, she struggled with gender discrimination before becoming a commercial pilot. That condition led her to a career as a test pilot. She told us her story during the first flight of N219 aircraft where “Focus” became her key point for the success of that event. She showed us some pictures and videos of her aircraft.

After the presentation, there were some questions from the audience. Some questions came from STPI students. We are very grateful to Capt. Esther for sharing  her knowledge and experience, which hopefully will motivate our students to have more passion in aviation.

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