Guest Lecture: Antibiotic Resistance- The Situation Outside Of The Clinical World

Prof Marko Virta from the Department of Microbiology, University of Helsinki, Finland, visited IULI on Friday 23 March 2018.  During this short visit, Prof. Marko Virta gave a lecture on the latest findings in antibiotic resistance conditions, outside of the clinical world.

All Life Sciences students from the Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering Departments attended the lecture and learned about various findings and methodologies in antibiotic resistance studies in organisms that are living in the water and soil systems.  The resistance to antibiotics emerged as a result of the use of antibiotics for medication, including those used for humans, as well as for animal farming and aquaculture.  In his research, Prof Marko Virta also collaborated with one of IULI’s Lecturers Dr. Vanny Narita.  On this visit, he was also accompanied by one of the researchers of the University of Helsinki, Windi Muziasari PhD.



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