Coffee Anyone? A Fun Collaboration Between HTM & SeKopi

During the month of July 2017, IULI HTM students got out of the classroom to watch, learn and practice. Accompanied by the IULI’s lecturer, Timotius A. Rachmat, MM (Hos), they were learning about the art of making coffee taught and demonstrated by Ir. Rudy Ersan from Sekolah Kopi (PT. Tanah Air Indonesia), and Ms Sooin, who is a painter and lecturer from South Korea, but it was much more than that. They learned about the historical importance of coffee in Indonesian history and culture, the high quality of Indonesian coffee, the fame of Indonesian coffee world-wide and the difficulties facing Indonesians coffee growers at the present time,.

Interestingly, in South Korea, Ms. Sooin uses the leftover coffee powder as painting material and there are weekend painting programs where people get together to drink coffee and to use coffee powder in their paintings!!

The IULI HTM  students also spent time actually observing the process of making a good cup of coffee in a café in the breeze. It was a fascinating experience as they realized that it is not a matter of simply pouring coffee into a cup. There is a skill and patience involved and a love of the process. Many students left the café (after enjoying a nice cup of coffee!) considering becoming a part-time barista (MiE).

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