Oktoberfest 2018

To celebrate Oktoberfest, the art and music division from the student executive board of IULI (batch 2017-2018) organized an event with the same theme as the famous Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany. On the 7th of October 2018, the event featured competitions and performances that involved all students, lecturers, staff, PARAS (Parents Association), IULI guests and guest stars. The event was held at the IULI- Guest House on the large garden area.

The celebration was enriched with the common tradition where those who attended the event were strongly encouraged to wear German attire or anything with a touch of Germany, while drinking root beer and dancing to German music and singing the  famous “Ein Prosit” song. The event was held at a quite conservative community, thus there was no real beer to be consumed by the students. All drinks were non-alcoholic and the main drink of choice was root beer. The guests received beer glasses along with rubber bracelets as they entered the venue.

The executive board delivered the spirit of Oktoberfest by holding a bazaar which was held by students from different faculties where they served various German delicacies. They also held performances performed by IULI’s music community and guest stars ( White sands & Aul Persnelling) and held festive games on stage.

The Executive Board successfully brought our students, lecturers and staff of IULI together through Oktoberfest and demonstated fairness, objectiveness, and active involvement among our students.



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