Manadonese Cuisine & Cocktails

On Tuesday, 17 September, with Aditya N. Putra, M.Par,  IULI  a few IULI semester 3 and 5 students were given the task of producing not just one dish but a number of dishes celebrating Manadonese cuisine. If this was not enough, under the supervision of Mr. Tommy Saroso, they also had to produce an original cocktail to complement the dishes. In the end, after hours of discussion, testing and tasting, they produced a number of mouth-watering dishes; namely, Ayam Rica Manado (Red Spice Rica Chicken), Ikan Woku Manado (Yellow Spice Manadonese Fish) Bubur Manado (Manado Pouridge), Bakwan Jagung (Corn Flitters), and Sambal Dabu-Dabu (Dabu-Dabu Chili Paste). 

The original cocktail to go along withe the dishes was named Tutuko’s treat on the rocks. Please look at the pictures attached. Don’t you want to eat the pictures of the dishes and drink the picture of the cocktail!!

Next stop Manado!!


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