Inside HE-AVIAP: IULI Students talk about their excitement to join the prestigious and unique aviation seminar in Jakarta

The countdown is on for the much-anticipated seminar of this week! In only a matter of hours the HE-AVIAP seminar will take place at the Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta. In this unique event, six IULI students have been selected as licensed officers to work at the event. Here is what they have to say about their excitement to join HE-AVIAP:

As the International Joint Seminar on higher Education for Aviation Professions is an eminently high-profile event, I am genuinely excited and exceedingly grateful being able to join such an outstanding event. As an International Relations student with a blood related passion to aviation, I am highly looking forward to broaden my knowledge in aviation as well as being part of strengthening the links between ASEAN and European Higher Education Institutions. – Christian Hartauer, International Relations 2018

Ever since I was a child, aviation has been a passion of mine. When I grew up the Concorde and classic tri-jets were gracing the skies. Time has changed since then. Majoring in International Relations it became clear to me how globalized and hence challenged the aviation industry has become. I am looking forward to attend the Joint Seminar on higher Education for Aviation Professions as a great complement to my field of study and advancement of my personal interest.  – Andreas Hartauer, International Relations 2018

I am very interested and excited to be a part of this international seminar as this seminar is truly a unique and a wonderful opportunity to gain an even deeper insight on the aviation industry. Hopefully, through this seminar, the aviation industry both local and regional can advance further  – Jason Nathanael, Aviation Engineering 2016

It is an honour to be a part of a very important event. Such an event like this will not only bring new knowledge, but will also give me the chance to meet new people from different countries that promote aviation. Also, as a student committee for this event, I must perform my tasks responsibly and show that IULI students really show professionalism. Not only that, to hear different ideas from open minded people is very exciting. Overall, I hope this upcoming event will establish more doors to aviation and aviation enthusiasts. – Aghadhia Firaz Uno Kusuma, Aviation Engineering 2016

I feel exhilarated to take part in the Joint Seminar of EASA and IULI. EASA is one of the most respectable authorities worldwide, and it is a big honour to see how they want to help the SEA Region’s Aviation Standards to cope with the demand of the future, together with Aviation Universities across the region, to prepare the region for potentially being the largest aviation market in the world.-  Vincentius Nuring Saptadi Suryo, Aviation Engineering 2016

I lIke joining seminars, however this seminar in particular, is very interesting, because it will be attended by speakers that will discuss education and the aviation profession. I am highly motivated to join this event.  – Bernadeth Vionirianty, Aviation Engineering 2016

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