IULI INR attended special event with Indonesia’s Chief Diplomat

12 August 2017 – In conjunction with the nation’s 72th birthday, on 11 August 2017 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a talkshow presenting none other than the Minister herself, H.E. Retno L. P. Marsudi. IULI International Relations (INR) sent six students to this invitation-only event.

The IULI delegation, headed by Adrian Arney Luhulima, was excited about attending the event, during which they were updated about the current state of Indonesian diplomacy: the themes it deals with (both persistent and new), the goals it aims for, the accomplishments it has made, and―just like every major undertaking―the challenges it faces.

This event, which was also held to commemorate the Ministry’s 72th birthday, was especially welcomed by IULI INR. For a very young institution, an opportunity to be present at events of such stature is invaluable. For a bachelor’s student, an opportunity to listen to an eminent figure is extraordinarily rewarding; it provides insights that might never be acquired from others.

Most important, however, is the inspiration that one may get while in the presence of such figures. To see and interact with distinguished figures in person may generate a distinct drive to succeed. For an apprentice, such motivation is exceptionally important.

IULI International Relations Department is thankful for the opportunity and looks forward to having further engagements with the Ministry. (SaK/MiE)

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