INR HIMAHI welcomes new Chair of the Association

11 November 2017 – On the eleventh of November 2017, the IULI International Relations Student Association (HIMAHI) ended the semester on a high note. A ceremony was instituted to officially mark the Transfer of Office from the then Chair of the Association Mr. Faiq Faishal to the Chair-elect, Mr. Yohanes Paulus. Mr. Paulus and his running mate Mr. Habibi won the election held on 9 November 2017 with a landslide victory (81% of total valid ballots).

The evening started with a formal Dinner at the Grand Sahid Jaya Jakarta. The three-course banquet served not only as an extensive meal, but also as an opportunity for everyone to put their table manners knowledge into practice. This finer aspect of diplomatic life is an enrichment of the broader international relations education in IULI; equipping its students with a proficiency that may prove to be socially valuable in the latter stages of their career.

After the meal the night continued with the inauguration of Mr. Paulus as the new Chair of HIMAHI. Mr. Faishal concluded his tenure by transferring his Mark of Office—the Chair’s Sash—to Mr. Paulus, as well as conferring on him a “Star of Noctis” (Class I) medal. The new Chair began his tenure by delivering a well-thought out Inaugural Speech; after which he received from every office holder of the previous administration their Records of Office (Memori Jabatan).

One of Mr. Faishal’s last executive orders was to confer on Dr. Tutuko Prajogo and Mr. Sammy Kanadi the “Star of Noctis” (Class II). The class marks the accession of the awardee to the status of HIMAHI Honorary Member. It is a way in which the Association shows their appreciation for those figures whose deeds are considered as extraordinarily valuable for the organization.

The 11-11-2017 event was prepared by a small team of 3 students—Ms. Bernadetta Quinta Pradipta, Mr. Adrian Arney, and Ms. Jessica Natalie—in only one and a half months. A total of 358 items were specially made available for the three-hour long event. Mr. Widhi Gilang Satria and Mr. Aditya K. Putra (BME and INR class of 2015, respectively) provided a professional photography service; capturing special moments to make memories of the night last.

The night is the pinnacle of all HIMAHI events to date, reminding everyone in the room that being in IULI‘s INR is truly a worthwhile and enriching experience—both educationally and also personally.

The INR civitas thanks

  • HIMAHI Chair 2015–17 Mr. Faiq Faishal,
  • members of his Executive Office (Ms. Victoria Advenita Krovan, Ms. Rinientia Riadiani Djuliardhie, Ms. Andrea Jane Karmajana),
  • and the Office Holders (Ms. Lidia Kristi Agustina, Ms. Sheila Nur Amalina, Ms. Aluna Khansa, Mr. Adrian Arney Luhulima, Ms. Jessica Natalie, Ms. Nanda Vima Tasha)

for their services, and welcomes

  • Mr. Paulus and Mr. Habibi’s incoming administration with excitement.

Viva IULI INR: Progressive, Critical, Humanistic“.


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