IBA & MGT’s 3 Countries Game: Efficiency, Fiscal & Monetary Policies

Under the supervision of Dr. Samuel Prasetya & IGB Agung Dananjaya, MM, on Thursday, October 26, 2017, IBA & MGT batch 2016 in International Business continued their investigation in depth of trade between nations and the parameters involved. The imaginary countries of SnowLand, HiLand & RainLand and the trade is in chairs, palm oil & clothes. An additional twist for the next meeting is the developments in each country which, in real life, affects the terms of trade either slightly, significantly or not at all. The students have to decide and react (fast!).

The students need to calculate their costs of production given tight fiscal policy (for SnowLand), tight monetary policy (for HiLand) and improved efficiency (for RainLand). These will affect their prevailing wages, interest rates, VAT & exchange rate. This is the reason that they need to set their prices according to either maximizing revenues or minimizing costs (SaP/MiE).


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