IBA, MGT & HTM Join Efforts in Project in Entrepreneurship Class

The new students in IULI had a fresh start at IULI for this year while the rest of us said, “Oh, here we go again.” Yup! The new semester has been running for 3 weeks and yet some students have already faced challenges in class.

This 5th semester, the students of International Business Administration (IBA) and Management (MGT) need to work together with the students of Hotel and Tourism Management (HTM) for the “Project in Entrepreneurship” class. What an exciting opportunity for all students to show their knowledge, skills and talents in areas such as business, publication, event organization, merchandising chosen by the lecturers, Dr. Samuel Prasetya and Mr. Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos). The students were divided into 5 big groups and later were asked to choose from the topics mentioned above. The products or services project groups are assessed every 3 weeks by the lecturers.

On August 31, 2017, the groups presented for the first time to Dr. Samuel Prasetya and Mr. Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos) as the evaluators/examiners. There was the Bakoel (Bali Kuliner) group, who wanted to mass produce and serve satisfying Sambal Matah and other Bali traditional cuisines. Then, there was the Gili group, which created simple yet refreshing drinks, Bonny and Dreamland, with natural flavors perfect for IULI students who like snacking during the day. Another group wanted to create a guide book for surviving university with funny, useful and interactive information. The booklet will be written by the students themselves based on their experiences and will be published publicly. In contrast, Smaak Brownies group invented delicious topping for brownies such as Brownienut Choco, Brownie in Pink, and Golden Brownie. They hope to create various flavors of the brownies. Lastly, the Breakfast Express group wants to sell traditional breakfasts such as jajanan pasar for IULI students in both campuses either by opening a food stall or by going around the classes during break time.

The first presentation for all 5 groups lasted for 3 hours and it was quite interesting since free testers were distributed by the groups who worked on business-food topics. Moreover, inputs from Dr. Samuel Prasetya and Mr. Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos) encouraged all students to give their best.

We just can’t wait for the final result! (Wendy – IBA 2015 & MiE)

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